the series

The GBU Series is currently made up of six one-day workshops presented across five states in Australia. There is no prerequisite to attend a series. Whilst some content links across the series, each has been developed as a stand alone day of learning.


 Each workshop runs from 9am until 4pm and includes breaks for drinks and lunch. At the end of each workshop we also set time aside for some 'quick-fire' questions so you can further put Sue and Lyn under the pump!

 All one day courses cost $100 per person.

Can't make a series? Interested in a topic not in your state?

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 Mastering Court Balance 

Game Knowledge

 Training Formula 

 Attacking Toolkit 

Game Skills

 Attack Smarter Not Harder 

Game Sense

 Defensive Toolkit 

Game Skills

 Defend Smarter Not Harder 

Game Sense

The Basics - Part 1

Lyn will provide the logic to ensure court balance is understood. Get balance right and you can create a masterpiece.

Sue will show you a simplified, integrated and personalised training formula.
A three-staged approach that will give you some real direction on and off the court. 

Three key attacking skills that used collectively can be far more effective than when used in isolation. 

So you have your attacking toolkit sorted, now let us show you how to effectively coach it! Simulate and stimulate!

Three key defensive skills that used collectively can be far more effective than when used in isolation. 

So you have your defensive toolkit sorted, now let us show you how to effectively coach it! Simulate and stimulate!


 Eleven Minutes 

Game Knowledge

 Footwork with Eight of   Your Best Friends 

Game Skills

 Homework Kit 

Game Skills

 Shoot the Lights out 

Game Skills

 The Golden Drill 

Game Skills & Knowledgel


Game Sense

The Basics - Part 2

Sue will show you how to fine-tune your coaching approach during a game. Learn how to make the greatest impact using you eleven minutes. Or is it less than that?

Important to have your feet ready for action prior to the start of the season.
Sue brings eight of her best friends to show you how.

We all know how much kids love their homework! In this session, Lyn will walk you through one of the most important homework kits for any budding netballer. 

Lyn’s seven step to shooting sucess will take you on a journey that extends beyond shooting technique.

You would never make a chocolate cake without the chocolate, so you should never do a pre-season without mastering ‘ The Golden Drill’.

Sue will take ‘The Golden Drill’ and show coaches how to finish this off in a Game Sense environment.


 Get your Defenders’    Feet Moving  

Game Skills

 What’s Left to do When   the Shooter has the Ball? 

Game Skills

 Hands Over - Then What? 

Game Skills

 From ‘Mine’ to ‘Ours’ 

Game Units / Knowledge

 Know the Pattern - 
 Create the Intercept 

Game Units / Knowledge

 Transition into Defence 

Game Sense

It's All About Defence

Defenders must develop specific footwork in order to perfect the craft of defence. Join Lyn as she shows you how to ‘move your feet’.

Learn the four key skills a defender must develop once a goaler has the ball and is

ready to shoot. ‘Last line of defence’ with Lyn.

Applying pressure on the pass is a skill and Sue will show you the various ways to do this. But, then what next? Learn what is ‘V’ defence and how to coach it effectively.


Defensive partnerships in the circle become more effective when defenders develop an awareness from ‘mine’ to ‘ours’, or otherwise known as ‘Split Circle Defence’.

Sue will take the ‘mine’ to ‘ours’ session one step further and show you the familar patterns that happen inside the circle; and how defenders can create intercepts.

It is essential to develop from an early age the importance of every player’s role to defend and attack equally. Sue will show you some fun games to achieve this.


 How to 

Game Sense

 Fun / General 

Game Sense

 Skill Based 

Game Sense

 Court / Position Specific 

Game Sense

 Match Play Variations 

Game Sense

 Your Turn 

Game Sense

Game Sense Makes Sense

Game Sense is about how players learn rather than how coaches coach. Learn how to "step back" and still be an effective coach.

There is always room for a fun game in a training session. Don't under estimate the importance of finding time for this. 

The heart and soul of game sense. All coaches should be masters of these games. Learn the art of fine-tuning skill development in a competitive environment.

Lyn will demonstrate how to use game sense specifically for shooters, centre court and defenders. 

"Ok girls, it's time for half court" Not again?! Out with the old and in with some alternative match play variations. 

Sue and Lyn will thrown open the challenge for coaches to become more creative. That way we all get to go home with something new.


 Recap Court Balance 

Game Knowledge

 Centre Pass Attack 

Game Units / Knowledge

 Centre Pass Defence 

Game Units / Knowledge

 Long Court Attack 

Game Units / Knowledge

 Long Court Defence 

Game Units / Knowledge

The Big 4

It's time to look back at the importance of court balance and understand how getting it right sets your team up for the Big 4!

In this session we will cover balance, communication, variations, options, first and second phase of the centre pass and the importance of width and depth for attackers. 

Let's take a look at the role of the individual and the various units that can work together to effectively apply defence of the centre pass. 

Court balance, timing, vision, options, leads, decision making, skill execution are all critical elements to get right when moving the ball from one end of the court to
the other. 

Let's once again look at the role of the individual, the various units and how the entire team can sucessfully work together to create opportunities through out the court. 


 The Essentials 

Game Skills

 Break the Double D 

Game Skills

 Recognise the Pattern 

Game Units / Knowledge

 Master the Circle Edge 

Game Skills / Units

 Feed with Finesse 

Game Skills / Units

 Connect the Court 

Game Units / Knowledge

Centre & Wing Attack - The How To?

Let's keep it simple - Choose the right pass and execute it well. Develop agility with efficiency and a repeated effort in mindset. 

We will show you all the elements that contribute to a wing attack successfully breaking through a double defence on a centre pass.

Let's show you some patterns that regularly appear on court by the wing attack and centre. Add smart decision making and your mid-court are ready to dominate. 

Understand both the individual and unit role when working the circle edge and develop the tools to move creatively - but only when necessary!

See the defender, read the space, know the pass. Develop your mid-court to responsibly finish with finesse. 

By far one of the toughest elements of a centre's game to master. Let's take a look at how to develop a good centre court connection. 


 Warm Up Drills 

 Passing Drills 

 Timing Drills 

 Space Awareness Drills 

 Decision Making Part A 

 Decision Making Part B 

Box of Drills

Let's take a look at a variety of Warm Up Drills​ and help you understand the difference between structured and unstructured activities.

Passing Drills must include high repetition along with the necessary pressure to ensure quality execution.

An essential skill that all athletes can develop and with the right drills, timing can definitely be improved. 

GBU has prioritised space awareness throughout the Series and we continue that theme here with court balance, width and depth as our primary focus.

Whilst every drill has decision making elements attached, we increase the decision making focus in this session.

We continue with more decision making drills here and will increase the pressure placed on the athletes to execute correctly.